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I wish I had the money or a wau to help you and your family i really do bc God knows i would! All i can offer are my prayers and tell that i have some websityes in my page well links on my page that can help you with giving your kids christmas hopefully!

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You remind me so much of myself. But let's tackle this one problem at a time.

Christmas - try the salvation army  they are working in conjunction with JCPenneyfor their angel tree this year. Als check with toys for tots

What I just learned is that Ohio is NOT a no-fault state and there is a 2 year statute of limitations on filing claims- so here is a list of free clinics that may be able to help - unfortunately I was not able to find anything within a 5-10 mile radius of your zipcode.

PPARX can also help with free prescriptionsand your doctor should be able to provide you with samples as well.

You said the anxiety started a year and a half before your daughter was born - you would have been @ 22-23 y/o right? Just a thought, but once you see a doctor, check to see if you can get an appointment to an endocrinologist to have your hormone levels checked. The anxiety, although related to your accident, may also be related to PMS - keep track of it - when is it better or worse? If it is around PMS, then it may be hormone related and may be able to be controlled with brith control. Other hormones, such as insulin and T3, T4 (thyroid)   may also trigger anxiety. Theonly way to know for sure is to have your levels checked by a physician. The reason I mention your age is because most people are diagnosed with anxiety ( and other mental illnesses @ 23 y/o - as I was) However, get all the facts and tests prior to accepting a diagnosis.

I have additional links to organizations on my homepage that may be able to help. 

apply for social services -  child support, food stamps, heap, medicaid - whatever you can get - take it.... 

As for the house - your dream can become a reality. There is an organization called NACA - they will walk you through the whole process step by step. It takes a while and it can be frustrating, but in the end you will have your home

Just so you know, I was in your shoes. My son and daughter are 5 years apart. My son graduated  college and my daughter is in her 2nd year of college. And yes, we do have our home. I can honestly say there is no greater feeling than being handed the keys to your first home.

I know it won't take you as long as it took me, but you will have your home. Be patient, it will happen. 

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The picture of my kids is an older pic but one of my very favorites!! They are so special and both of them are wonderful kids!!

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